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Bilingual career options – how to make your job a success

Today’s post about the benefits of being bilingual in your professional life was written for us by a fellow linguist and blogger Micha from Mindpeeler.com (you can find more info about Micha and his work below). In his article Micha shows us that bilingual career options are more numerous and diversified than you can think of. It is an important […]

The role of the translator

This week three years ago a great American novelist and short story writer passed away in his house in Cornish, New Hampshire. J. D. Salinger was born in 1919; his mother had Scots-Irish origin and his father was a Polish Jew. He is best known for his novel The Catcher in the Rye, which has […]

What about the translator?!

Ever since the tower of Babel people find it difficult to communicate and it is not just because they speak different languages. The profession of a translator is told to be one of the oldest professions in the world (next to the other vocation that we shall not mention here).

From a language teacher ‘s diary

Dear Diary, Sometimes I ask myself if anything that I do makes any sense. What is my goal in life? Where do I go? What is the purpose of my existence?! Yesterday I had a lesson with Robert. He seems unable to remember to use articles in front of nouns, although we have practiced it […]

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