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How to create a speaking robot

Who hasn’t read those science fiction novels where humans live next to speaking robots that can think and feel, so that they basically become better than us, because they don’t tire and they don’t die and it marks the ending era of humans who become organic batteries or slaves, or flee to other planets, or […]

Where did my German go? – Language forgetting

Language forgetting is probably as frequent as language learning and may occur as a result of either a conscious decision or because some events have made the language unnecessary.

Thinking for speaking

Does language influence the way we think? Being a speaker of more than one language we become aware of various representations and classifications of reality.

Memories… in bilingual speakers

According to the recent research, bilinguals develop what is called language-dependent memory. For bilingual speakers, it may be the case that we will be able to recall more details if we retrieve information in the same language we encoded it.

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