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Are some nations louder? On voicing patterns and foreign accents

Remember that peaceful sunny afternoon, your kayak sliding away with a slow river current, and you, balancing the paddle in your hands, watching the world go past, listening to birds twittering in the bushes, trees humming in a light warm breeze, water swirling along the river banks, bubbling under half immersed rocks…. And then: Ja, […]

Getting emotional – interference in bilinguals

A Zen teacher would say that we need to get rid of emotions, that they are an unwelcome baggage that hinders us on our pathway to enlightenment. Driven by emotions we tend to commit smaller and bigger blunders, I bet any of us could recall a few painful memories that better remain unmentioned. How do […]

London in November – Bilingual communities in the city

When two languages are used in the same society, their values and functions differ. And very often two languages become four.

Topic for today’s discussion…

Bilingual speakers switch from bilingual language mode when they interact with other bilinguals to monolingual mode when speaking to monolinguals. Here is an example…

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