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Busy as a bee?! If you have time to read only one post, pick one of these:


The articles are divided in four categories:

  • Bilingual identity – we try to answer questions about what it means to be bilingual and how bilinguals perceive themselves; we touch upon issues of biculturalism, immigrant experience, and monolingual misconceptions about bilingualism
  • Bilingual brain – we discuss issues like bilingual memory, language representation in the brain, speech production mechanisms, mental lexicon, etc.
  • Bilingual modes of speaking – we present here such phenomena of bilingual performance like: code-switching, interference, accommodation strategy, prosodic features
  • Bilingual at work – we use this space to comment on ups and downs of typical bilingual jobs, e.g. foreign language teacher, translator, interpreter


And if you would like to explore even more, I recommend you my eBook Between Us Bilinguals: a fairly unbiased dissertation on monolingual and bilingual views on code-switching.


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