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Sink or swim

My dad has always had his own ideas about our education. When he decided to teach me to ski, he took me to the largest ski slope in the area, we got uphill and … I found myself going down with the speed of a sky rocket. Aaaaaa!!!! It took me ten years to put the skis back on my feet. When he decided I should brush up on my English, he sent me to Hastings, England, where I stayed with an English host family for 3 weeks. I was 14, my English very basic, I found myself abroad alone for the first time in my life. It was not so terrible after all, but this method of total submersion is called the „sink or swim” approach for a reason. Continue reading Sink or swim

A Pole, English, and French guy got lost in a desert…

How many times have you heard from an Englishman, in reaction to your kind question: ‘Good morning, how may I help you?’ – ‘Yes, I wonder if you can….’

Probably the most irritating sentence you can hear first thing in the morning. Continue reading A Pole, English, and French guy got lost in a desert…

Are YOU bilingual? – Definition of bilingualism

Most people would use the label ‘bilingual’ when speaking of a two-year-old of Polish-British origin, who at this stage of language acquisition governs about 200 words, while a Polish graduate in English philology, who may have spent a considerable amount of time in Great Britain and whose vocabulary consists of thousands of items, is not usually thought of as a bilingual. Continue reading Are YOU bilingual? – Definition of bilingualism