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Sink or swim

My dad has always had his own ideas about our education. When he decided to teach me to ski, he took me to the largest ski slope in the area, we got uphill and … I found myself going down with the speed of a sky rocket. Aaaaaa!!!! It took me ten years to put the skis back on my feet. When he decided I should brush up on my English, he sent me to Hastings, England, where I stayed with an English host family for 3 weeks. I was 14, my English very basic, I found myself abroad alone for the first time in my life. It was not so terrible after all, but this method of total submersion is called the „sink or swim” approach for a reason. Continue reading Sink or swim

Reading in native tongue affected by second language

Second language changes the way bilinguals read in their native tongue.

Eva Van Aassche has studied 45 bilingual (Dutch-English) students as they read sentences in Dutch. The results showed that the subjects were faster at reading words that are similar in both languages. It suggests that when reading in their native tongue bilinguals still have access to words in their second language, which affects  the way the native language is processed.

It could be evidence for an existence of an internal “switch” that turns on and off the interference of two languages in a bilingual brain.

For more information read on: BPS Research Digest: Second language changes the way bilinguals read in their native tongue